Theodor Black is a London-based rapper and producer which we have introduced with the tracks called“Weekends”, “Subculture” and “Had Enough“. Now he has announced the release of a new EP called Garcon which will be out on November 5th. Check the new track “Strolling” which features Osquello.

“I always enjoy working with Osquello, he’s a beautiful soul and an amazing musician,” says TheodorIt’s always nice collaborating with someone I see eye to eye with you know, I sent the beat over to him along with my verse and a week later he hit me back with his verse and it wasn’t even a question of will this make the cut, it just fit perfect.”

On the track, he explains: “when I made the song, I thought to myself, this beat sounds like it’s going for a stroll you know, it’s a pleasant walk through the park on a sunny autumn day. The context of the song however is a wander through two post adolescent minds trying to figure out life and all the bullshit that comes with it.”

Listen below.