New York based sound artist and composer Taylor Deupree is back with a new track called “Chorus (Dusk​/​Dawn)“. According to the press release, In Chorus (Dusk/Dawn) Deupree utilizes a single eurorack synthesizer oscillator to create the sound of the dawn chorus that surrounds him in the summer months at his studio in New York.

This din of insects (mostly crickets, katydids and cicadas) is both calming and relentless, at times reaching a deafening state as it overtakes the sonic landscape each morning and evening. The purely synthetic source of Deupree’s creation highlights the urge to imagine and manufacture this natural phenomenon, during a season which it has not yet arrived. Musical layers interweave and accompany the “insects” in the form of lilting, generative sine waves, a sonically pure tone intending to mesh with, rather than contrast, this imagined dawn. 

Listen below.