London based duo Otzeki (the project of cousins Mike Sharp and Joel Roberts) is back with a new track called “Fading Up” which is out now via Akira Records. It follows the previous single “Sweet Sunshine”. Mike says on the track: “From Australia to Iceland – ‘Fading Up’, crossed a few international borders and time zones to get made. Originating in Sydney, it was a track inspired by the sunrise and a glimpse of eternal happiness, before it was thrown across the globe to Peckham (via Brixton and Cambridge), where it went through a bit of an identity crisis taking on various incarnations, until settling on what it is today.

The music itself is hopeful and it’s essentially a love song but the lyrics also send out a warning ‘be wise with your time’. An abstract picture Mike had taken of a car speeding past a disused shop window in Reykjavik felt appropriate to use as an artwork, since so many high street stores have been forced out of business lately and as musicians we’re currently unable to rely on live performances as a viable business.”

Listen below.