Giampaolo Pasquile is an widely known artist, producer, and mix engineer, who just released two new singles; “Until The Rainbows End” and a brilliant cover for Marvin Gaye’s song “What’s Going On,” featuring Stephen Sims’ outstanding vocal performance.  Also a pianist, composer, and arranger, Pasquile is a versatile soul who knows everything about music, whether on stage or behind the scenes. This is what gives his music such a special feel, and audiences will be delighted to dive into his magical artistic world on “Until The Rainbows End,” a moving ballad filled with subtle nuances, hypnotic vocals, and perfect arrangements. 

“What’s Going On” is a groovy and soulful song that describes the state of society in our modern world, beautifully in tune with all the events happening today, whether it is the covid-19 related problems, or all the unanswered questions George Floyd’s death has brought back on the table. Giampaolo Pasquile brings some love in our lives, while also pointing out everything going wrong on our planet.