Charmian Devi  has just dropped new music. The Canadian singer-songwriter who grew-up in Quebec stands today as one of the very few artists capable of creating music that brings back the 70’s iconic influences in her new songs, “No Peace,” and “Radio Of None”. The impressive list of musicians who have participated on the recording of these new tracks will turn heads, such as Bob Dylan’s own bassist Tony Garnier, and producer Marc Urselli, who has worked with some of the greatest rock n’ roll legends out there. 

Subtle and highly impactful, Charmian Devi manages to offer a striking contrast between the music and the lyrics she crafted, coming together in pure harmony for the perfect listening experience. For all those who wonder how the rock n’ roll heritage has been evolving into the modern era, just listen to Charmian Devi’s “No Peace” and “Radio Of None” and enjoy the challenging beauty she shares with us all today.