A year since his last full-length, Spirals Heaven Wide, and following the second instalment of his Spa Commissions series in May, Tokyo-based producer Yamaneko is back with a new EP called Kaizo Nanadaru which is out now via London based label 1000Doors. According to the press release, it sees Yamaneko return to the intentional naivety of his early works, servicing day one Pixel Wavers with both the uplifting and heart-warming melodies that first set fans adrift, before bringing them back with the pulsating rush of keygen music.

Like much of Yamaneko’s music, Kaizo Nanadaru is heavily inspired by the motivations and mindset of people making illegal or fanmade art – romhacks, modded videogames, white label bootlegs and graffiti.  That combined with his recent relocation to Tokyo, Yamaneko here delivers an upbeat and joyful expansion of his live show, inspired by the juxtaposition of cities against wide-open spaces, and Japan’s world unto itself.

Check the full streaming below.