Secret School is the moniker of Seattle-based electronic producer Andrew Sutherland. Two years after Heal, he has released a new album called Ambergris which is out via Hush Hush Records. According to the press release, it continues to showcase Secret School’s unique hybrid of ambient, neo-classical, IDM, and elegant house styles.

The album’s title nods to its aquatic theme. Ambergris is a flammable substance produced in the digestive system of whales after years of eating cephalopods. It’s also been used to make the world’s finest perfumes. It is illegal in the United States, but elsewhere is worth more per ounce than gold. It’s both something the largest predators on earth cast off as waste and something extremely valued to those who find it. The word itself provided inspiration for the album with its literal invocation of something precious and beautiful, but also a rare ocean mineral. This imagery helped guide Secret School towards his latest exquisite productions that weave intricately detailed beats, pulsating rhythms, and warm atmospherics through an expansive, cinematic, aqueous landscape.

Check the full streaming below.