Prairie is the project of Brussels-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Marc Jacobs. Two years after After The Flash Flood, he has released a new album called And The Bird Said : Cut Me Open And Sing Me which is out now via Denovali Records.

According to the press release, This album was inspired by the silence of the birds, by the tone between a mother and her daughter, by the Sandsnipe twins, by constant wailing sirens, by the memory of a Vangelis track. Composed in the city, in his studio Les Lacs and in the moun- tains of the French Cévennes, Jacobs integrates his various recording locations into his magnificent sound design. By using various recording techniques, analog gear, guitar pedals, synths, amps and human voices, “And the Bird Said: Cut Me Open and Sing Me” creates a fountain of sound layers which coalesce to synthetic and noise infused manipulations, dramatic crescendos and subtle field recordings.

Check the full streaming below.