Olec Mün is an Argentinian, Barcelona-based composer and musician. He studied piano, jazz and harmony with professors such as Nicolás Guerschberg, Francisco Sicilia, Guillermo Romero and Paula Suarez. According to the press release, during his twenties he visited India and Africa, where he got immersed in their culture and felt a strong calling to aboard music from a premodern approach, which consists of considering music as a functional tool to connect with the invisible world, and not only as an entertainment discipline.

He has announced the release of a new album called Reconcilation which is out now via Lady Blunt Records and it was mastered by Home Normal boss Ian Hawgood. It is a systemic piano work in order to heal the wounds inherited by war, persecution and segregation.

Grandson of four Jewish refugees who escaped the Second World War and emigrated to Argentina, he is the first one in two generations to settle back in this part of the world. Eighty years later, Olec Mün returns to Europe and the Reconciliation project emerges as a necessity of his Soul. The album is the outcome of his past, his memory, his roots which are transformed through composition.

Listen below and check our talk with him in which he details the new album and much more.