After “44,” Dylan Joseph returns to drop yet another hit single titled “Closer To You,” a beautiful song written while he was in college about his break-up with his girlfriend at the time. Directly inspired from the unique feelings arising right after a break-up, “Closer To You” is an emotional track that will elevate the vibe of anyone who has gone through, or is going through a break-up. 

The interesting part is really the way Dylan shares his journey; with authenticity, elegance, and we must say, with a dazzling performing technique. 

Inspired by his father who was a professional drummer, Dylan started playing music in his teenage years, and never stopped since. He can compose and create songs from various genres, but his all time favourite and most preferred genre is unmistakably country music. “Closer To You” is just one more vividly creative piece proving the potential of this extremely talented soul.