Mallory Helms Releases New Track ‘Wildest Ride’

Small artists who remain relatively unheard of are able enjoy an amount of creative freedom on which to design a unique sound; it seems a shame then that Mallory Helms chose a pathway walked countless times before.

Whilst it’s important to remember that not every track is going to change the world, it’s equally as important to note that there is little to no point in recycling lyrics from the majority of every post-2000’s pop song, laying them on a ‘sunset-beach-stroll’ track and releasing it as a single. Unfortunately the end result is usually a huge cliche, and it seems that ‘Wildest Ride’ is of no exception.

The track overall is underwhelming, predictable and feels as though if part of an album would serve purely as filler, which is a shame as it’s clear that Mallory Helms has the capability for more. But with minimal information available online and ‘Wildest Ride’ serving as the standalone representation across all music platforms, it would seem there is work to be done in more than one area to see this project move forward.

Stream ‘Wildest Ride’ on Apple Music. You can find out a bit more about Mallory Helms online on Twitter and Instagram.