Larry King has signed a deal to bring his brand of celebrity interviewing to a new podcast.

The Millionth Question, produced by the host’s 21-year-old son Chance King and Jeff Beacher, is expected to begin its run of 11 hour-long episodes this June.

“The chance to take [the podcast interview show] beyond the world of politics is intriguing to me,” King told Variety; the long-time CNN host suffered a stroke in 2019, “but I’m OK now — as long as I’m alert and inquisitive, why not?”

While guests have not been announced, Variety reports that Mariah Carey is among the potential interviewees, although the singer’s reps said she was not yet confirmed. King’s personal Millionth Question wishlist includes Michael Jordan, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Donald Trump.

King will reportedly make $5 million over the course of the multi-year podcast deal. After Larry King Live concluded its 25-year run on CNN in 2010, the now-86-year-old host made the jump online with the web series Larry King Now in 2012; that show has now run for over 1,000 episodes.

“I love interviewing. I’ve done it all my life,” King told Variety of his new endeavor. “I love asking questions.”