Melanie Iglesias Riffs on the Ugly Side of Fame – “L Is a B”

    Iglesias gained renown on YouTube with her viral video series The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book and by starring in MTV’s The Guy Code and Girl Code. L Is a B A talented singer, Iglesias was forced to put her music on hold because of benign nodules on her larynx. Now that she’s healed, she’s back with “L Is a B” and will release her new EP, Context, in early 2020. The song is about the side effects of popularity and success, riding a melodic pop beat blended with swanky R&B tones, as Iglesias narrates how vicious fame can be: “Life is a b*ch, love is a game, sometimes people change when they get some fame…”  

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    Going to Strip Clubs Doesn’t Make Dua Lipa Any Less Feminist

    In the age of an imperfect cancel culture, Twitter users have harnessed the power of hashtags to superfluous extremes, often at the expense of innocent stars. This morning, #dualipaisoverparty began trending on Twitter, a response to a video that surfaced of the singer attending a strip club for a Grammys afterparty and throwing bills on twerking dancers—you know, what male rappers have been doing since the dawn of hip-hop. Lipa was criticized for perpetuating the oversexualization and objectification of women while proclaiming to be a feminist. The origin of these #isoverparty hashtags is frequently attributed to K-pop fandom’s futile attempts to “cancel” everyone but their idols, but bot accounts and…


    Why “Cats” Is the Cult Movie Classic of the Future

    “I was there,” you say, with a far-off look in your eyes. “I saw it.” “Grandparent,” they say (the gender-neutral term, because gender is no longer considered real). “What was it like?” “It was like nothing I’d ever seen before,” you say, rocking back and forth. As their parents look on anxiously, the kids leave for the midnight showing of the greatest cult classic film since The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Tom Hooper’s visionary, warped, dreamlike rendition of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats.


    Courtney Paige Nelson Premieres “Sorry I’m Not Perfect”

    L.A.-based singer-songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson debuts “Sorry I’m Not Perfect,” the first single from her forthcoming EP, 28. Nelson might look familiar to some; she was a competitor on Tyra Banks’ reality TV hit America’s Next Top Model. On her first single, her sensual vocal drips with jazz tones over the song’s undulating melody. Describing the song as “extremely personal,” Nelson reveals, “This song was my truth that I wanted to get out, after going through an extremely rough breakup. I guess you could call it therapeutic closure. I decided to call it “Sorry I’m Not Perfect” because the last thing he said to me was: It’s not his fault he found…


    Mallory Helms Releases New Track ‘Wildest Ride’

    Small artists who remain relatively unheard of are able enjoy an amount of creative freedom on which to design a unique sound; it seems a shame then that Mallory Helms chose a pathway walked countless times before. Whilst it’s important to remember that not every track is going to change the world, it’s equally as important to note that there is little to no point in recycling lyrics from the majority of every post-2000’s pop song, laying them on a ‘sunset-beach-stroll’ track and releasing it as a single. Unfortunately the end result is usually a huge cliche, and it seems that ‘Wildest Ride’ is of no exception. The track overall…


    Keywest Release Video For New Single ‘C’est La Vie’ From New Album ‘Ordinary Superhero’

    Keywest have released the brand new video for their latest single ‘C’est La Vie’ which is out now alongside their eagerly anticipated Marshall Records debut album ‘Ordinary Superhero’. The album is now available to order with exclusive bundles through Transistor Music. ‘C’est La Vie’ is a track that sings about life’s difficulties. However, it goes on to talk about how life goes on and gets better. This powers through in the form of summer vibe with a bouncy acoustic guitar, a track that shows a great folk side to the band and their music. The band’s debut album ‘The Message’ entered the top 20 in Ireland, second album ‘Joyland’ went…