5 Things You Might Not Know About the X-Men Franchise


Jean Grey!


Professor X!

Yes, we’re going to talk about the flawed characters of the Marvel Comic Universe.

Yes, flawed, which made X-Men so relatable for the kids who’ve now grown into adults and those still struggling to get their hands on the golden age comics of the Marvel world.

How Stan Lee paved the way for flawed modern superheroes:

Stan Lee, the genius grandfather of comic books, is known for creating a ray of hope in the otherwise monotonous comic world and then in the Hollywood industry with his comic books with his heroes just as flawed as humans.

Before Stan Lee’s realistic characters came along, the comic universe would boast Greek God-like superheroes. Stan The Man’s characters led an imperfect life just like us humans. He created relatable superheroes who were bogged down by their insecurities, relationships, and sorrows in life.

While they also had their superpowers, his superheroes weren’t immune to the common problems everyday people face. A bickering family (Fantastic Four), is an orphan (Spiderman), anger management issues (Hulk)- they made Stan Lee’s world worth clinging to. One such world was that of the technologically supreme, X-Men. Led by the great intellect of Professor X, similar was the case with these heroes.

Talking about X-Men, do you think you know everything about Stan Lee’s universe?

Unless you are an X-Men fanatic and have all the stories of the comic right at the tip of your tongue, we sure are about to throw you off the couch with these five surprising things that you didn’t know about the X-Men franchise:

Five Things you might not know about the X-Men franchise

Magneto and Prof. X were supposed to be brothers

If there is anything that kept the X-Men fans hooked throughout the highs and lows of the world of mutants, it’s the complicated, otherworldly relationship shared by Xavier and Magneto. This dynamically opposite mutant somehow always find a way to be at loggerheads with one another. But did you know Stan Lee originally intended to chalk them as blood brothers, but the plot got lost somewhere in the increasing complexities and the realization into movies?

They were to be named, “Merry Mutants”

Baffling, isn’t it? We can’t expect to call them anything other than X-Men, even though they are the mutants. Stan Lee was earlier fixated on calling the pack, “Merry Mutants,” but was asked to change it because of the prevailing opinion that not many would be able to understand the meaning of the word, “mutant.”

Prof X has a twin sister: Cassandra

Seen as downright inhumane and horrendous, of few Prof. X disgraceful moves, was the attempt to kill his twin sister while still in the womb. Xavier sensed that his twin sister, Cassandra Nova, would be evil and should not be born, and hence she was stillborn. But it is the X-Men world, and evils somehow crawl back, and so did Cassandra who took vengeance upon his brother’s act by killing over 16 million mutants by unleashing Sentinels on Genosha.

Dark Beast: Alternative evil version of the Beast

The evil version of the Beast originated in the Age of Apocalypse; Dark Beast is a ruthless form of Beast without any hope of redemption. A murderer, sadist and a downright monster, the dark beast can disguise himself as a beast, and he did so on several occasions deceiving the Beast’s friends. He was also seen in Dark X-Men, fighting other Marvel superheroes.

Gabriel Summers, the secret brother of Cyclops and Havok

Well, the Summers family was always a “stand out of the crowd” lot. Wrangled into complexity are the lives of Cyclops and his family, who by the way had a secret brother, Gabriel Summers, revealed in Deadly Genesis and had the same troubled life like the rest of Summers. Gabriel, whose destiny was doomed from the start, became the supervillain of the Marvel universe, Vulcan who was capable of controlling energy from all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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