Lets pause things up and travel to distant lands, drink ice cold cocktails and submerge in a bossa nova-like ambiance crafted by 4 talented French producers.

Producers Alcynoos, T-Time, Ferdinand Cros & Parental (who is also a co-founder of Akromégalie Records) team up for the creation of 2 minutes and 9 seconds of feel-good beat heaven. All rivers lead to the ocean and the ocean “Vague” lives in is a magical place where bossa nova, soul, funk and instrumental blend together. Tight hip-hop drums paired with funky guitar chords and warm keys. The track radiates vibes of jam sessions and is sure to spark something within those with a feel for soulful grooves.

“Vague” (French for ‘wave’) is usually something that we like to listen to and ride. During summer 2020, Parental & I teamed up with two musicians (Ferdinand Cros from the band Viraje and T-Time from Kodäma) to cook this fresh jazzy vibe.

We fully composed the track including smooth keys, a tight guitar, a groovy bassline and other instruments such as synth or percussion but also vocals. We all imagine listening to this while on holidays on the seaside, while sipping cocktails”