2020’s brought us some awful things but was also a source of many beautiful moments of realisation, contemplation and more appreciation of nature.

Life is balance, Yin & Yang. Both ups & downs are present in one’s existence and German producer Ningen managed to create a gorgeous tale in his album L I F E – his first Stereofox release. He explains:

Some big concept behind this project became the idea of Yin & Yang with the album’s name giving track “L I F E” laying in the center, more positive and energetic sounding tracks above (Yang) and melancholic, chilled tracks down under (Yin). Both parts are essential and wouldn’t work without each other and so create the base for what I felt behind the big word “life”

Driven by natural soundscapes, he created mesmerizing and utterly soothing guitar-driven chillhop, and “Unforgiving” is definitely my dearest track from the album – there’s some special beauty in this melancholy he crafted.

L I F E is a whole journey that’s best experienced in full. Embark below: