I would pick Marie Dahlstrom’s voice even if it’s in a crowd of a thousand people. Today marks the drop of her new release – a 4-track EP titled 4inARow is a creative collaboration with London-based producer Dan Diggas and Canadian rapper Aligo.

Hrisi featured the first single “Fall Down” back in December and today I have the honour to write about another lush vibe titled “Rising”. The track takes the trio’s hybrid of late night r&b and laid back hip-hop to new heights. Marie’s soothing voice and Aligo’s subtle verses are enhanced by a soothing instrumental from Dan.

Lyrically, the song represents the beginnings of a blossoming new relationship. Speaking on the release, Aligo shares:

“Rising to me feels like the song you hear at the end of a good movie. It tells the second chapter of a love story after the initial spark- honeymoons and bright flames.

An ode to people in love, the lyrics definitely put you in that feel-good space and remind the people that might not be in love at the moment, that there is something for everyone out there. It’s about when the moment comes and the temperature rises.”

Marie adds,

“Dan’s beat reminded me a bit of butterflies in the stomach when I’m love, and that’s what went on to inspire my lyrics for the track.”

If you want to find out more about the UK singer, check our interview with her.