I never thought I would see the words blues, downtempo and cinematic in one sentence, but there’s always a first.

That was the intro to Santiago Córdoba’s submission for “Chacarero” and I was not disappointed. The Argentinian artist and his music is what Nicolaas Jar would sound if he were to make post-rock. As a percussionist, he, digs into rhythms, textures, and the connection between music and identity in equal measures.

“Chacarero” is the lead single from his second full-length album En Otros Lugares and will take you on a trippy psychedelic journey fused with elements of electronic music. Over the past few years, Santiago has been traveling around the world touring, taking on musical commissions, or simply following his muse, and all those experiences are reflected in this record.

The official release for the album is Feb 15th (via Sounds and Colours), so stay tuned for more.