As a listener, I’m always looking for any release that stands out against it’s peers as being fresh and unique. Sometimes this comes from wild experimentation in composition or sound design, but sometimes it is far more subtle. Broey and Mr. Hilroy’s latest release “After You” is the perfect example of a track that gently brushes against the boundaries of it’s genre while staying grounded in comforting familiarity.

The track starts off with the classic dusty piano chords; absolute hallmarks of any lofi hip hop track. This is, however, where the familiar tropes of the genre end. Where lofi hip hop often sounds quite dry and tinny, “After You” is awash with atmospheric pads and vocal cuts. The kick is crisp but delicate; a thick sub gives strength and purpose to the swirling cloud of sound above. Softly, the percussion laps against the track like waves dancing at the listener’s feet.

Listen to “After You” here:

Mr. Hilroy Broey. x Mr. Hilroy – After You
Broey. x Mr. Hilroy – After You – Mr. Hilroy 02:57