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Vibe CheckGilligan Moss

“Vibe Check” possesses the signature Gilligan Moss buoyancy we’ve come to adore, although that’s rhythmically speaking. Melodically the duo exhibit a different side to their sound by virtue of the reflective mood “Vibe Check” is […]


Ah, spring is finally here, with the trees blooming under my window. Danish producer and multi-instrumentalist Blossum managed to capture the airy feel of this season in the feel-good “Colours”. Funky basslines and saucy guitar […]

TallHanz Makzo

More gold from this year’s Essentials Spring compilation thanks to 2 favourite producers – Hanz and Makzo! While one could expect the chillest beats out there, given Chillhop’s history… “Tall” is definitely an awesome curve […]