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[Video]: Visionist – “The Fold”

Four years after Value, London based producer Louis Carnell aka Visionist has announced the release of a new album. A Call To Arms is out on March 5th, 2021 via Mute Records. “The Fold” is the first excerpt which features Haley […]

Far AwayKadela

Kadela’s “Far Away” was instant love. Few seconds within the track I felt the same way I felt when I discovered Bonobo for the first time. The richness and depth of his music are impeccable […]

[Video]: IDLES – “Reigns”

Two years after sophomore album Act of Resistance (Partisan Records) and 2019’s “Mercedes Marxist”, British band IDLES (Joe Talbot, Adam Devonshire, Mark Bowen, Lee Kiernan and Jon Beavis) have released a new album called Ultra Mono which is out now via […]

Worlds BelowElv

The world needs to know about Elv. With a sound as filmic as it is progressive, the young artist sprung forth in the past year with his debut EP, Nightland, released via the New Dawn […]

CopaceticMan with Roses

David Hoskins’ (or the Man with Roses) new track “Copacetic” is an audible elixir best enjoyed in the evening.  The track sounds like a symphonic, free-flowing conversation between multiple instruments. It starts off with gentle […]