Four years ago we introduced German musician and composer Tim Linghaus and his first EP Vhoir. One year after We Were Young When You Left Home, he has announced the release of a new album called Venus Years which will be out on December 11th via Schole Records. It is a Concept Album about divorce from a child’s view.

He explains: “Coping with solitude, rediscovering structure, the significance of the new daily routine and regaining self-confidence are the key themes upon which the music is built. The tracks “Love And Dust” and “Warhorses” exemplify the album’s conceptual narrative. Guest appearances from Muriël Bostdorp (piano, Netherlands) and Tobias Leon Haecker (saxophone, Germany) reinforce the eclectic nature of the music.

Biographical” is the first excerpt which shows the complex delicacy of the music that follows the Future Sound lines with evocative wobbled vocals and trembling textures. Listen below.