Paul Dutton is an American multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, drums) and singer-songwriter who currently resides on the Central Coast of California in the small beach town of Cayucos. He’s also known for the collaboration with acts like Joshua Barnhart and Strange Pilgrim among many others.

We have the pleasure to premiere a new track called “Walls of Light” which will be out on October 30th. It features Brett Hammond (lead guitar, vocals) and, according to the press release, it draws upon the soundscape of American music, from the southern rock twang of the guitars to the psychedelic dreaminess of the vocal harmonies. The song lays out in elemental terms the timeless dichotomy of light and dark, employing the call and response of Dutton’s vocals and Brett Hammond’s guitar to shift the mood throughout the track, illuminating the shadows as they carry the listener along.

Listen below and follow him on Bandcamp.