American artist, singer-songwriter, and instrumentalist Anthony Wexler recently unveiled a wonderful record, the single “Fragile.” Choosing faith over fear, Wexler’s emotionality deploys in such grace on this latest single, as he talks about his relationship with god at the time when he wrote “Fragile”, and how things seemed very fragile when it came to his future and mental health. He learned how to trust the process, and choose faith over fear, even though things still might not always be clear sometimes. 

Born and raised in Northeast Philly, his father taught him the guitar when Anthony was just 13 years old, and he’s been writing songs ever since. Throughout his life, he struggled with bi-polar disorder and emotional ups and downs, often using these experiences as an inspiration for his music and songs. It is when his father passed away that he decided to become a musical artist, and released one of his father’s songs “Stay with Me”. Inspired by artists including John Mayer, Andy McKee, Donell Jones and James Taylor, Wexler’s strength also lies in his guitar game, and the influence of Andy McKee on his picking is quite clear on many levels. 

Anthony Wexler has over 200K streams on Spotify alone, and has worked with a multi-platinum producer who has worked with Beyonce, Taylor Smith and Madonna. 

After “Endlessly” featuring Lydia Thomas. Wexler’s new pop and soft-rock fusion, “Fragile”, will help cement his rise as a unique artist who combines both a strong musicianship on guitar and beautiful vocal abilities.

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