Moss Covered Technology is the new project of British musician Greg Baird, known also as Boomruin (Bmrn). Five years the first full-lenght Speicherbank (Eilean Records), he has released a new album called Seafields which is out via Dronarivm. He explains:  “ ‘Seafields’ genesis came about from a particular journey to the sea post the first UK lockdown. I had grown used to visiting the sea and coastline regularly. This is something I have never taken for granted.

I don’t think I actually realized how stressed I had become, but as I spent time on the beach the ending, or at least the substituting of those daily stresses became apparent. I’ve lived almost my entire life by or close to the sea. It is something I have grown to recognize the older i get as somewhere that grounds me, clears my mind and ultimately inspires me again and again.

I am grateful for that day by the sea because it helped my family and I put a very strange time into perspective. ‘Seafields’ is simply an attempt to illustrate that inspiration and time spent walking the coastline.”

Check the full streaming below.