TemptationR.L. KING RINI

Rising r&b star R.L. KING returns with his latest dark and lush release “Temptation” off the Worldstar EP, paired with stunning visuals. The Australian artist, who always tells stories of love and intimacy through his […]

QubitAlex Metric Ten Ven

Had this Alex Metrix x Ten Ven (who produced a few tracks for Dua Lipa) joint bookmarked for weeks now and as it’s becoming progressively harder to fight the January downer, decided to take out […]


22nd of January is just around the corner, so we’re entering the final stage of Bicep’s Isles pre-release journey. The 4th single of the Belfast-born, London-based duo is titled “Sundial” and is the most laid-back/dark […]

fairgroundeaup RINZ.

On “fairground” we’re seamlessly serenaded by the sounds of glittery Rhodes keys which pretty much sets the mood of the track. The distant guitars facilitate this dreamy vibe, and what I quite liked about the […]


TaiTheGawd is back in our feed with a track that’s balancing between smoothness and power. “Shine” is backed up by dreamy synths, lush sax and head-bopping beats and showcases the Memphis rapper’s skillful flow and […]


Although the track has a single colour as its name, don’t let that deceive you, because when it comes to the sonic nature of the “Pthalo”, it’s in fact an exuberance of colours, textures and […]

SinkingElisa Imperilee Srigala

Oh how smooth my morning is starting with this track. “Sinking” is the ultimate chill pill with the smooth beat and production aiding Elisa’s delicate vocals. The flow feels very natural and effortless, creating airy […]

ButterfliesGio Varchi

Gio Varchi is someone to be excited about. The New York-born Taiwanese-Italian artist is based in Tokyo, so we couldn’t get any more international than that. That, however, is not the most interesting thing about […]

BaplyfeThe Aether

If you’re looking for a chilled but at the same time fresh start of the week, we got you. “Baplyfe” comes from Seattle-based producer The Aether and fuses cosmic synths and gentle boom-bap for a […]


Prepare to have your mind blown. US rapper & filmmaker Essuh delivers an oldschool freestyle piece with mesmerizing horn, siren and vocal samples, driving beatwork and impressive flow & storytelling. “Freestyle” is part of his […]

Temporary LoveMishegas

Thanks to the airy pads, “Temporary Love” is imbued in thick atmospheric textures with a tinge of tropical vibe decorating the stereo field. To some degree, this reminded me of ODESZA’s earlier by virtue of […]

Coastbad tuner

Kicking off this Monday with something positive. It’s lockdown times, it has been raining for 5 days straight and the weekend is very far away, so I needed an injection of happiness. That came in […]


Finding artists like Parish is the joy in all of this. The up-and-coming artist is just in the beginning of his career but is crafting some of the illest and most chill beats out there. […]